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The College of Social Sciences (CSS), formerly the Social Sciences Division, was established in 2002 December when the University of the Philippines Baguio was recognized as the seventh constituent unit of the UP System.

The College of Social Sciences (CSS) offers a social sciences curriculum that is interdisciplinary, socially engaged, ethically committed, and relevant to the region and the nation.  Aligned with the mission of the University of the Philippines Baguio in delivering quality tertiary instruction in the Cordillera and Northern Luzon,  the College of Social Sciences (CSS) has three academic departments: the Department of Economics and Political Science (DEPS), the Department of History and Philosophy (DHPH), and the Department of Anthropology, Sociology, and Psychology (DASP); and one institute, the Institute of Management (IM), formerly the Management Sciences Division (Learn more: click

Map of the College of Social Sciences, UP Baguio Campus.


Our mission is to offer multi-disciplinary undergraduate and graduate programs in the social sciences. These programs are guided by the faculty’s mission to offer a socially committed social science education that:

  • Develop critical and creative thinking about society;
  • Discuss the general history and common traditions of the Social Science Disciplines;
  • Explain the distinguishing concepts, perspectives and methods of their Disciplinal Major-Minor;
  • Evaluate the strengths and limitations of social science theory and practice;
  • Conduct independent research in their chosen disciplines in the social sciences;
  • Demonstrate culturally sensitive and evidence-informed Social Science practice; and
  • Commit to lifelong learning in their personal and professional lives.

Academic Programs

Prospective students may choose between two undergraduate and two graduate degrees hosted by the College through its departments or the Institute of Management.

Undergraduate Degrees

The Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences (BASS) degree is handled collectively by the Department of Economics and Political Science (DEPS), the Department of History and Philosophy (DHPH), and the Department of Anthropology, Sociology, and Psychology (DASP). This is a major-minor degree where students choose the configuration of their program based on the following disciplines.






Political Science

The Bachelor of Science in Management Economics (BSME) is a program offered by the Institute of Management. It provides knowledge and training in business management anchored on conceptual foundations developed in the field of economics. The program is envisioned to respond to the growing needs of the North Luzon Region for managerial skill and expertise with solid grounding in economics. (Learn more here.)

Graduate Programs

The Master of Arts in Social and Development Studies (MASDS) is a graduate degree program utilizing approaches from the various social science disciplines to analyze the issues and problems of development. The assumption that development is a complex process that has ecological, cultural, moral, and other social dimensions, in addition to the economic, has found strong affirmation from the varied experiences of peoples in different countries around the world. The program of study follows the lead of scholars of development studies who harness social science theory together with empirical and policy analysis to provide a better understanding of the process of development. (Learn More here.)

The Master of Management (MM), which is handled by the Institute of Management, focuses on a generalist management perspective which emphasizes the similarity in key management tasks in the private, public, business, non-profit, non-government and other organizations. Such involves the performance of similar tasks across all organizations, such as leadership, best use of financial and human resources, ensuring satisfied clients and customers, and formulating long-term directions. (Learn more about the program here: )

The PhD in Indigenous Studies is a graduate program that employs interdisciplinary perspectives in engaging historical and contemporary issues confronting Indigenous Peoples in the Philippines and elsewhere. The PhD program also seeks to valorize indigenous epistemologies (ways of knowing) that have been neglected and marginalized by hegemonic scientific epistemologies. Although this program is taught collectively by the three Colleges of UP Baguio, it is currently hosted by the CSS.


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