By: Dr. Corazon L. Abansi, UP Baguio Chancellor, 2021-2024

As we look around our campus on this historic morning, we are especially aware of the achievements of UP Baguio in the last two decades, all of them built up under the leadership of two successive Chancellors, Professor Priscilla Macansantos and Professor Raymundo Rovillos. In every direction we can see the work progressing, as new buildings and facilities rise from our slopes to meet the challenges of quality education. Many more serious challenges no doubt await us in this volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) times. But today is a moment of confidence and hope that together with the UP Baguio community, and in unity of purpose, we are well-prepared to meet them all.

I have been a member of this University for more than ten years. I understand the University’s unique traditions and I cherish its distinctive spirit and values. My dedication to the sciences and the humanities is coupled with my commitment to preserving and nurturing our precious heritage. At the same time, I understand that the University, too must be modern and global in its outlook and outreach. So, I accept this mace to symbolize my commitment to make UP Baguio responsible to tradition and modernity and to the local and the global, in a creative balance.  The challenges today are more complex—and certainly affect all of us more immediately, but our deep-rooted sense of community binds us together, so let us set aside our differences and focus on our shared purpose more and cultivate our willingness to share resources and talents so we can fulfill our uncompromising mission of excellence in learning, research and public service. 

I am taking this opportunity to announce that in the journey of chancellorship, Professor Rosemary Gutierrez will be with me as the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs while Professor Santos Jose Dacanay will be the Vice Chancellor for Administration. The other members of the Executive Staff will remain until the end of their terms. We will rely heavily on the collective wisdom of the UP Baguio community in taking pathways that will provide agile response to the needs of our beloved UP Baguio especially in this difficult time. So I am calling on your cooperation and support to join me as we create new pathways towards a resilient UP Baguio.

Maraming salamat sa inyong lahat! Maraming salamat, UP Baguio! Mabuhay ang UP Baguio!

(14 April 2021)

This message was delivered by Chancellor Abansi during the turn-over ceremony held at the UP Baguio Oblation Grounds, on 14 April 2021. Read story at: