How to qualify for admission at UP?

Remember that when you applied to take the UPCAT, you had to choose two campuses out of nine (Baguio, Cebu, Diliman, Iloilo, Los Baños, Manila, Mindanao, San Fernando, and Tacloban) and two degree programs per campus. You stated your choices according to your oder of preference. Therefore, your application will only be processed for the campuses and programs you yourself chose and in your stated order of preference.

There are two steps in being admitted to the University: the first is to qualify for a campus; the second, to qualify for a degree program.

How to qualify for a campus?

To be admitted to the campus of your choice, you must meed the cut-off UPG (University Predicted Grade) of that campus. If you fall within the quota and qualify for your first choice of campus, you are no longer screened for your second choice.

What is the UPG?

The UPG (University Predicted Grade) is a combination of your weighted scores in the UPCAT subtests on language proficiency, reading comprehension, mathematics and science, and the weighted average of final grades in your first three years of high school. Every UP campus has its own cut-off UPG, which may vary from year to year.

UP Diliman and UP Manila are the campuses for which admission is extremely competitive because most applicants want to be admitted to either one. Their cut-off UPGs are usually among the highest among the campuses.

The only way, then, to qualify for admission to a campus is to rank within the quota and meet the required UPG of one of the two campuses you applied for.

What if you meet the UPG?

If you meet the cut-off UPG of a campus you chose, you qualify to be admitted to that campus. You will then receive a notice of admission.

How to qualify for a degree program or course?

Once you qualify for a campus, the next step is to be admitted to one of the degree programs you chose. A screening procedure for all programs is followed for this purpose.

Some programs have quotas and they are so marked in the General Information for Freshman Admission. These programs have their own predictors, such as the UPG and/or predicted grades in certain areas like mathematics or science. Campus qualifiers are ranked according to the degree program predictors. Those who fall within the quota are admitted to the degree program.

What if you don't qualify in any of the degree programs you chose?

If you don't qualify for your first choice of degree program, you will undergo the same process for your second choice. If you do not qualify for your second choice, you will still be listed for that campus but you must choose another degree program that can accommodate you. Since you are an UPCAT campus qualifier, you only need to find a program that will admit you.

The Office of the Registrar will help you find that program. And although it may not be your first preference, you may learn to appreciate it over time. Otherwise, you may try to shift to another degree program after your first year in the university.

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