A screenshot of Aika Robredo’s tweet saying the statement, “I would like to testify in the HOR. It was me in the sex video. #EveryWoman” was posted by Facebook user Jay Padriga. He told Aika to delete the tweet because it might become a basis for her mother to play the victim and accuse Bongbong Marcos of forcing her to tweet this.


The tweet, which was now deleted, was taken out of context. It was made in 2016, during the trial of Leila De Lima, where her private video was shown in the House of Representatives.


“I would like to testify in the HOR. It was me in the sex video. #EveryWoman” has many variations and was posted by many women on September 30, 2016. A group of Filipinas began this self-incriminating campaign to express being “vehemently against the showing of alleged sex videos of Senator Leila De Lima.”

On its Facebook page, Every Woman PH aims to “empower women and youth to defend democratic political space and uphold women’s rights.” It offers them a safe and open channel of expression while also being a platform for education and information. This cause “began during the period of the congressional inquiry on Sen. Leila de Lima. The pettiness and sexual undertones, especially when legislators said they would show a sex video purportedly of the good senator, prompted various women to post [the said statement].”


The Facebook post has now garnered over 4.2K reactions, 3.1K comments, and 4.5K shares as of April 16, 2022.


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